Beta release completed!

The beta release of Extreme Image Converter is finally here! Get it on the Download page. Testing and feedback is still appreciated.

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Beta Development Beginning

It has been almost a whole month since the Alpha release of Extreme Image Converter. Now it is time to start developing the upcoming Beta release.

A “beta” branch has been added to the SVN repositories, and one bug fix has been added. More news coming soon!

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Testers Needed

Extreme Image Converter is now in its Alpha stage. Therefore, we are in great need of people who can test it. Your feedback will help us continue to improve Extreme Image Converter.

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Extreme Image Converter Alpha Released!

Extreme Image Converter Alpha was released Tuesday, September 7, 2010! This is the first pre-release of Extreme Image Converter. Make sure to tell everybody about it! Visit the Download page and be one of the first people to get it, check out the screenshots to get a quick preview before you download, or read the Features page to learn more about what Extreme Image Converter can do for you :)

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